White Beekeeping Ventilated Suits with Fencing Veil

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Green Beekeeping Ventilated Jacket with Fencing Veil

Unique protective Beekeeping Gear is made of finest high quality 3-Layers of fabric. The inner and outer Layers are made of Polyester Cotton mesh. EVA mesh fabric is sandwiched between Polyester cotton Mesh. Through this inner layer overall thickness of the beekeeping Jacket is 4 mm. The thicknesses of the Jacket keep bees well above your skin and have less chance of a successful sting. Although, the Jacket is made of permeable materials so it provides a high degree of ventilation. So, if you live in hot region where climate get very hot in the Bee season, then you really consider us.

Two chest and waist pockets with flap Velcro closures, heavy duty zipper at the chest and neck as self-supporting collapsible veil. Designed for comfort and sting protection, the professional Bee Suit is tailored specially for beekeeping and bee control.

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  1. Quick and easy to wear and ensure the cleanliness of your clothes and protection from stings.
  2. Elasticated cuff and waist as well as thumb hold.
  3. Detachable Fencing Style Veil/hood.
  4. The high quality YKK BRASS zipper
  5. The Whole Design and Color is more Protective, Fashionable and Reasonable.
  6. The best thing is you find multiple SIZE option in ADULT and CHILD Bee Jacket.


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